A little bit about me…

Hi! If you managed to get here, I think an introduction from my behalf is in order!

Vadim RobSo here I am, Vadim Rob, a guy that loves technology. Hardware, software, everything tech. I bleed tech (as a figure of speech of course). But really now, I’ve been surrounded by computers and other gadgets my entire life. No wonder I ended up doing work in the digital sector.

From freelancing to opening my own startup firm recently, and in between, taking clients, partners and collaborators of all kind, from all over the globe, I tried all kinds of stuff. If I would have to characterize the experiences in one common word, it would be: challenging. Through the ups and downs, I didn’t get discouraged, I still love what I’m doing and will continue to love it, no matter what. Because it’s called passion. And everybody understands that, if they are passionate about something.

But what am I doing more exactly? Well, a bunch of stuff. The main object of activity would be web design. I like and work on the front-end of things. It’s hard for me to choose between writing code and designing stuff. As I am doing both, I think the industry came up with a name for this and it’s U.I. Developer.


⌘ have a keen eye for details and love learning new stuff. As everyone should, in this ever-changing field. If you aren’t like that, you’re dead.

⌘ am picky about audio systems and equipment as I’m a music devourer. I would rather not listen to music than listen to it coming from a crappy audio setup.

⌘ hate cables. Using cables, seeing cables, holding cables, talking about cables. I hate them. I try to minimize their existence by using the cloud, bluetooth and WI-FI.

⌘ love high pixel density displays. If I see individual pixels I go crazy and If I see dead pixels I go nuts. Been there, thankfully came back entirely sane (I think).

Other things I enjoy: basketball, water-sand-palm trees, coffee, photography, traveling, etc.

That’s it. Know you know a little bit about me! Next, if you would like a talk you can find my on social media, or if you have a business proposal, or would like to hire me, or anything along those lines you can go to the contact page and drop some lines there.

Thanks for being so awesome and reading this page! In return, I promise to deliver sick articles here, on my website. So I think you should subscribe to the newsletter!

Dream. Plan. Execute.

Have a nice life,