JBL GO Bluetooth Speaker Review

Hello everyone! Today, I’m here with a quick review of the JBL GO Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

In the box you will find the usual paperwork, a micro-usb charging cable and the speaker.

The speaker comes in different colors, but I personally opted for the black one. While it isn’t ugly, you can see that it doesn’t stand out design wise. It’s just a small simple block. Also pretty inexpensive as you can find them on amazon for $29. The speaker is really portable being so small and you can always conveniently put it in the bag with you. It comes with a carabiner cutout so you can also clip it to your backpack or something else.

As far as built quality goes, once you pick it up, it feels really great in your hands. Its made out of a rubberized plastic and in the front a metal grill. As for weight, it’s light but it’s not as you are picking up something that feels really cheap. It doesn’t give you that feel. So great job JBL.

As for features, on the top you can see five buttons: a power on/of button, a bluetooth pairing button, two volume control buttons, and a call receiving button. On the right side you will find a 3.5 inch auxiliary cable input, the micro-usb port for charging and the microphone used for calls. As for battery life, the specs say 5 hours, and I tend to agree.

In regards to sound quality, for this size and price, it does a great job I think. You won’t be blown out by incredible bass, but it does give you a hint were the bass is in songs. It’s also pretty loud.

If you have realistic expectations in regards to this portable speaker, you won’t be disappointed. For it’s price and size, you get a lot from a reputable brand. Excellent built quality, good sound, extreme portability and no wires!

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